life lessons from exercise tv

yeah, you read the name of this post right:)

i'm spending the day with my mom. we were sitting on her balcony, drinking steaming hot coffee, looking out over the peaceful valley of color bursts and falling leaves. we were talking of healing, and exercising. me, being the promoter that i can be, mentioned that she NEEDS to try zumba. it's fun, you laugh your butt off, and you feel ridiculous. plus, it's an amazing workout. so we went right to the tv to see if was on demand.

we didn't find zumba (although there are striptease classes???). however, there was something called cardioke. i don't know if any of you have done it or not. but, needless to say, we were intrigued and turned it on.

my mom stood there. i was snuggled up on the couch with her dog. neither of us moved. we did watch the entire thing though. don't you judge! i was all dressed to go shopping:):):) haha

point of the story being....after some crazing dancing/attempting to sing to the pussycat dolls and the black eyed peas, they did the cool down. the wife of billy blanks, jr wrote an inspirational song and sang it while everyone did cool down moves. it's called "you are enough" and i'm sad to say, as i watched (yes watched) the entire workout, i ended with tears in my eyes. because it doesn't matter what our lives are like in this current state. we are enough, and we are exactly where we need to be.

well, i'm exhausted after that tough workout! i'm gonna take a nap, and sneak a piece of my dad's chocolate cake with peanut butter icing:)


  1. Billy banks?!?!
    this made me weep.
    how we so easily forget this?!?!