this thing called life

i've decided to take a new approach to living. you see, i'm the kind of person who needs goals to accomplish. only then am i productive, and busy, and happy in general. not that i'm necessarily "type A".....i'm only psychotic with myself. i don't care what other people do. most of the time:)

2010 was huge for me. i got two unusual stamps on my passport (haiti, south africa). i lived near the poorest of the poor, and learned how blessed i am, and learned how incredibly selfish i am. i graduated college, finally! i ran (sucessfully) a half-marathon, even though i don't consider myself i runner whatsoever. although maybe now i am:)

but now i feel a little let down. there are no more things for me to do or accomplish. there is no moving up in my career, and i am mostly happy where i am vocationally. the only thing that would make me happier would be cooking instead of doing surgery all day. but basically, i have no more big goals! it's the first time in my life that i've been in the particular spot. maybe it's because i'm (nearly) getting close to 30, and i'm finally good with who i am and where i am in life.

so back to the new approach. i'm going to create little goals to work on continuously. to better myself and improve my outlook on life. to make me a better wife, friend, sister, and daughter.


1. cook, at least once a week, something delicious, and healthy, and new
2. spend more time eating with friends and family
3. visit my parents, sister, nephews, and grandmother more regularly
4. write every day
5. learn to make a pumpkin roll
6. learn to make beef bourguignon, julia child style
7. instead of trying to make new friends, improve and deepen the relationships i have now. become more open and transparent. let down the walls
8. keep running! sign up for another race in the spring
9. do something nice for somebody every day
10. actually open my bible and read it. get a study bible. learn the greek and hebrew translations, and learn things for myself instead of relying on what i read in books or what pastors say
11. get a tatoo...something meaningful. something "me"
12. give control of my deepest longings to God; stop stressing out about them
13. date night. out. at least once a month
14. watch less tv...read more
15. spend time outside every day that is sunshiney!
16. live with purpose. instead of worrying that i don't know what my purpose is, treat every action like it is my purpose.
17. be optimistic
18. read a nonfiction book every month. yes it will be hard. you can perservere! learn something:)
19. be the person who drops everything for a friend
20. don't be jealous of others; be thankful for my blessings and my life


  1. umm...sunshiney??
    can I just say I'm totally jelous that Matt gets to live with you as you attempt #5!!
    good for you dez :-)

  2. yes luci...sunshiney:) you're gonna be saying it all the time now! hehehehe.....and yes, matt is lucky. i'm sure it will take me several tries!

  3. I want date night!!!!!!
    Dez, you gotta talk to kris, she is draggin her ass at that!!

  4. I want in on #6!! The eating part, not the cooking part. Although, I would be willing to help.

  5. See?!?!, she checks in, no mention of date night.
    the nerve of her!

  6. maybe i'll make #6, she can "help", and you guys can consider that a date night! lol......although, technically, i shouldn't be there. kris...i'm all for date night! matt will babysit:)

  7. Dez, this is a great list! Mind if I barrow it?? :)!