rainy day bliss

i've decided that my favorite movies are independent movies. they are quality, lacking in drama and special effects, meaning that there is an actual story to them. you just can't find that anymore in mainstream movies.  here is a list of my favorites:

3. once
9. juno

check them out if you haven't; they are incredible.


  1. i LOVE waitress. so, SO much.

    i like Smart People, too.
    Sometimes in April is about Rwanda too and heartbreakingly lovely.
    I've loved you so Long is my favorite french film.
    Juno and the visitor are amazing. LOVE them.
    have you seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind? Thats one of my all time favorite movies, and books too for that matter.
    have you seen, la misma luna? thats lovely too....

    we need to have lots of independent movie nights when i'm home!

  2. shamus...wasn't a huge fan of little miss sunshine. i should watch it again.

    bek...i totally forgot about smart people. LOVED it. didn't like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. maybe i should watch that again too. i'm glad i have a new list of movies to watch:) haven't seen any of the others you recommended! yay:) i'm all for movie nights...as long as there's coffee or tea!

  3. it's great right?! quirky, dark, and funny, all wrapped up in 2 hours of bliss:)

  4. Once!!! I loved it- though I would have loved it more had they found a way to make it work. :) But that's the hopeless romantic in me talking. Oh- and Juno was fab... I love when she couldn't hold down the blue slushy and the step mother's vase had suffered the wrath. ;P ick.

    Thanks for stopping by! I guess I'll be seeing you at Relevant?!?

  5. Yikes, I haven't seen any of these...I better get them in the Netflix que.

    I saw that you read Hole in the Gospel...I've just started it and so far, love it!

    Hope to meet you at Relevant...I'm sure getting excited :)

    Hope you're having a great day,