four years

four years ago, this morning, i was sipping a mimosa
poured by my sister
curls falling down my back

four years ago, this afternoon, i was waiting in the choir room
all dolled up
sipping tomato soup in my white wedding dress

four years ago, this evening, i was standing before loved ones
pronouncing my love for this man
this gentle man who took me by his side

four years ago, tonight, i was dancing with my husband
dancing with my pop pop
dancing with my daddy

four years ago, today, i embarked on a new life
filled with love, joy, silliness
pain, hurt, and tears
a life together
separate no more.

happy anniversary matt!

this is one of my favorite wedding photos...him looking at me as i VERY nervously walked down the aisle. my dad couldn't even give me the whole "you don't have to do this" speech because i almost cried! i was just so nervous to proclaim my love in front of 104 people. but that smile says it all:)

because i know you are all sick to death of wedding photos...a final favorite!

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