a gift, two ways

this weekend was a dear friends' birthday. i love birthdays, so whether or not she was excited, i was excited for her! i love any reason to celebrate, whether it be a hurdle avoided (or dealt with), a surprise, or something that one cannot control (like a birthday). there are many people who despise, dread, and hide from their birthdays; not me! i'm not gonna lie...i love cake, and presents, and one day of attention. therefore, i think everyone else deserves that joy of a simple celebration!

life got in the way a little bit, this weekend. i had call. a lot of call. didn't work too much, but still....the dread of it hung over me like a black storm cloud. i had responsibilities. grocery shopping, cleaning (that didn't really get done until after everything this weekend...i'm the queen of procrastination!), my niece's birthday party, shopping for my niece's birthday party, going on an impromptu, VERY much needed date with my husband, did i mention i was on call?,  working (because i was on call), and then finally the birthday was almost over. i found what i thought was the perfect gift, and resisted the temptation to make cupcakes because she wanted meat, and made pepperoni and cheese bread instead, and THEN got called in. the birthday, for me, was ruined.

by the time i got home from work, i was tired, and really just didn't want to go anywhere. it was pretty late (the yankees game had just started), and it was dark, and i was tired, and i was hungry, and my house still smelled like pepperoni pizza. somehow, matt didn't eat it before i got home. i would have killed him:)

but, in honor of birthdays everywhere, and the opportunity to make someone smile, i bundled up my gifts and drove. and it turns out, it made her day. and we got to hang out with luci. and watch the yankees with crazy people. and LAUGH, so much. so much my sides still hurt a little today.

so here's to giving a gift, and trying to make someone smile, and getting blessed so much more in return. here's to friendship, and here's to luci's messy box, and finally to meat bread.


  1. very well put and you are a very wonderful friend!

  2. It was amazing for me to watch all the best laid plans of the weekend fall apart, only to end up having fun, due to no planning on any one persons part.

    Thanks for makig time for Kris.

  3. You just made me cry. Thanks so much for making my day so special. Sometimes it's the things you least expect (like meat bread at 9:00pm) that make the best memories!! I am blessed to have you as my friend. :o)