it's a hard knock life

this week kicked my butt. long hours at work with less staff than usual resulted in a very tired and exhausted individual. i came home each night with just enough energy to throw something together for dinner. i went to bed early. there was little reading, and more tv watching than usual for me. i did not run. at all.

but today is friday. the end of a long week. and i am off, sitting in my kitchen with steaming mug of french press coffee, watching it snow (again!) outside. my heart is full of gratitude today. i guess that's what a deep and refreshing night of sleep will do for you! therefore, i'm going to do my own version of multitude mondays, which is ann's day of writing her 1000 gifts of gratitude. she's well over 2000 now, by the way. i'm learning that if we focus on the little miracles in life, it is much easier to keep a positive attitude.

1. lot's of beautiful snow fluttering aimlessly, but not laying!
2. a day off
3. a day off with hot coffee
4. a day off with hot coffee and a phone call with my dad
5. a chance to bake a friends 30th birthday cake this weekend, stimulating my creativity and heating up my kitchen with lots of oven activity!
6. chocolate cupcakes
7. morning snuggles with aniu
8. matt being gracious enough to take the bus to work so i have the car
9. two days off next week:)
10. a february calendar that's virtually empty, giving me lots of rest for a crazy busy march

what little things are you thankful for today?