take a deep, clean breath

honesty...i've been looking for you. hiding around tall tree trunks, whipping around bushes. where have you been?
goodness....have you left? where in the world are you? all i see is evil, and selfishness, and black
honor...do you even exist anymore? is there valor in this world yet?

there is....fresh air has entered my lungs, revived my spirit, and allowed me to believe in humanity, once again


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  2. People without homes are fascinating.
    Somehow, most of society has decided that they are abnormal, or otherwise marginalized them.
    I am of the opinion that we are all about 2 paychecks, or 30 days from being right out there with them, at any given point.
    I wonder if homeless people have managed to clear their minds of all the nonsense that so many others are consumed with on a daily basis.