the only first there will ever be

a friend recently suggested that i start a blog. i've never even thought of starting a blog, which is pure craziness since i'm a writer at heart and love to type out my thoughts. so here's to a great first (hopefully), and to sticking with something (maybe), and to communicating with the unknown (probably).

on tuesday, i was given the opportunity to go to haiti. for some background, let me explain how my heart has been occupied lately. i lament, on a near daily basis, begging God to give me some opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. i work in healthcare, but it isn't as fulfilling as i thought it might be. my dream job would be to work for some great humanitarian organization, saving people all over the world. like i said, "dream" job! ANYWAY, i stumbled upon this opportunity to do a medical mission trip with one of the surgeons i work with. did i mention that i leave on friday?? yeah, i only have a week and a half to get all of the good stuff done, like packing, and shots, and get a ticket, and.............

so all day tuesday i was deliriously giddy. it's what i've been praying for, right? THEN...i walked to class on tuesday night and it hit me. i am going to a third-world, disaster and disease ridden country in less than two weeks! it's not even enough time to mentally prepare myself. i really psyched myself out. then i remembered. i've been begging God for this. He finally gave it to me.

AND i'm going to south africa on another mission trip in August!

here's to embracing the unknown!


  1. Go get 'em Dez!
    I'm completely jealous.

  2. P.S. I recognize that city in the background of you profile pic.

  3. LOVE that you are doing this blog...and that God is opening scary doors of prayers prayed...
    He loves you. He will be bathing you in Himself during this time. Your heart will break. Your head will hurt. YOu will ache from exhuastion and wonder how you will wake with anything more to give and find yourself able to love and give all over again. He will fill your cup to full each morning and He will lather Himself in you and out of you and all around you.
    Please, please love me some chocolatey little ones in Haiti for me and let them know there is a host of African chocolatey ones praying for them, and loving them, too.