the beginning of the end!

today was our last day in the hospital, and let me tell you...it was FRUSTRATING! i'm actually glad to be coming home! the politics are unreal. there are zero supplies in the OR and the "supply" room is such a mess that i almost had a panic attack going in. there are at least five femur fractures in the ER and clinic, yet there is no way to fix them because they don't have plates or the capability to do a rodding, and all of their external fixator stuff is being used. (sorry for the OR talk for those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about!). we got to the hospital early this morning because wednesday is an ortho day, only to find out that now wednesday is a urology day. this meant nothing for us to do, yet there were tons and tons or ortho patients! so we did an ortho clinic, similar to office hours in the States with the surgeon, and i just got to sit around until 1 in the afternoon. we ended up doing 3 little surgeries in the afternoon, and being back by 4. we were curious, so we found the "depot" where all of the supplies are kept that were donated from the world. there was tons of stuff there, but still not what is needed. the organization is unreal, its so bad, and the government keeps it that way so that they have the power. craziness! but i got to come back to some great conversations with new friends, yummy rice and beans, and a shower.
TOMORROW IS THE BEACH! YAHOO! i wasn't even gonna go, but they kinda strongly encourage it to decompress, and now we really want to go! kinda of a midstep to normalcy! then we leave at 4am friday morning, and i get to snuggle with my dog (and matt) friday night! YAY!
what a crazy experience!


  1. SO glad you are going to the beach. YOu will need it. Don't feel guilty to enjoy rest while heartache is still going on around you! The Lord gives us little doses of Himself to pour out and you need to give yourself rest to process so you can continue to hear Him and walk where He leads and soak in His grace to pour out.
    I can not wait to hear how this molds your heart and shapes you. Know I've been praying for you. Send me an email if you want/need.
    love love love

  2. So ready to have you back, missed you this week. Sorry your feeling so frustrated. Have a great day at the beach, see you soon!

  3. Dez, I've been praying for you and thinking of you lots....I cannot believe the things you've experienced there and I bet your blog doesnt even scratch the surface....may God bless you as you return home.

    Still praying,