can i get a hal-le-lu-ja!

so day three of this adventure. sunday is a rest day here. well, in haiti, but here to. breakfast is late (8am! and eggs, no porridge!) and the day is lazy, filled with sleep, conversation, sleep, walks, sleep, and the pool. dinner is early (4:30, spaghetti! no haitian food!) and then it's time for chuch. church was interesting, and quite an experience. first of all, its outside under an open pavilion. the worship was incredible. the local community comes, so the first part of worship is in english and stuff i knew, and THEN the haitian guy grabs the mike. first of all, the haitians are dressed to the nines. i'm talking long sleeved shirts and ties, and dresses and heels. he starts singing and talking (VERY loudly, really more like shouting) and sings what really felt like one long song. people are dancing, jumping around, and really getting into it. the rest of the service was skits, dance, songs, like a big youth group convention. then the sermon. everything was translated in creole.so yeah, very interesting. like i told matt, a southern baptist church on steriods!
today we spent part of the day in the clinic getting a little girl with a broken back to take to the hospital for xrays. then i sat with a girl from the camp who most likely has malaria, and is just super sick. we did a few surgeries and made rounds with the haitian orthopedic doc at the hospital, and them came back to camp around 7 tonight. it didn't seem like a lot of work today, but i'm exhausted. i finally got some sun today. 100 degrees everyday, and i'm not getting anything! stupid sunscreen:)
a bunch of people at the camp have been pretty sick with some stomach thing. no one knows where its coming from, but more people get sick everyday. pray i don't get it! i've been using antibacterial stuff like crazy!
new food today: goat. yum!
off to the clinic tomorrow to help see patients...only one surgery to do then i need to keep busy. i'm excited to get a chance to play with the kids!
so i'm going to bed now...plus my enter key keeps sticking and it's getting rather annoying! haha
good night all!

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