you say you want a resolution, well you know, we all want to change (our world)

i've never been one for resolutions. never, in my entire life, have i met somebody who has made a resolution and kept it. changed something or done something because its january 1 and "nows as good a time as any!"
no, to change something you have to really want it. deep deep down inside. otherwise, you will fail. it's inevitable.
there is change in my future.
of course there is, you say. change is all around us.
i know. but i can feel it. i swear i can smell it.

this past year has been a selfish one for me. i did a lot. accomplished a lot. but it was all about me. i went to haiti. i graduated college. i spent 2 weeks in south africa. i ran my first half marathon. granted, the trips to haiti and africa weren't necessarily about me, but they still kind of were. it was a highlight for me. like the grinch (he happened to steal christmas, but then so kindly return it), who only heard "noise, noise, noise, noise" i only hear "i, i, i, i!"

in 2011, i want/need to change this. i want the year to be about others, not me. it's gonna be hard people!!
i mean, think about it. how much of your life revolves around you? everything's about you--face it!

case in point. i found a job today that i would LOVE. it would utilize both my gifts and desires, and that degree i just got. however, it's for a non-profit. that = not a lot of moolah. probably little to no benefits. neither of those things fit into my life at this moment. we are downsizing our lives, a lot, in an effort for matt to be able to quit his job and work from home. it's give and take, which is something we as Americans don't know a whole lot about. there are things i want, really want, that i can't have until he is happy and stable in his work.

so this year, for me, will be about preparation, support, and working my butt off. although, i'm not gonna lie, if i could lose a few pounds in the process i'd be kinda happy. (don't tell anyone--sounds kind of resolution-y) :)


  1. i hope that anyone who reads this gets the play on words in the title, and doesn't think i'm a retard who doesn't know the beatles!!

  2. Did you know your title sounds like a beatle song?

  3. really? i think you're mistaken:)

  4. hahahhaha i got it!!
    and you crack me up! and inspire me.
    let me know how your non-resolution resolution goes =)